Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Work Related Issues

I find it impossible to switch off.
My Wife finds me a constant source of befuddlement. I make promises I cannot keep when it comes to work related issues. Especially working from home.
Since the formation of the new (improved??) Business Link North East, we have been allowed to work from home, and have been provided with the necessary kit to enable this. This has proved a disaster for my relaxation as I now find myself at my desk at all hours working on things I know I should have done during 'office hours' but which, for varying reasons, were delayed or interrupted. I have been known to send emails at three in the morning in answer to client queries (admittedly this was whilst I was at the height of my steroid course when insomnia reigned supreme!) but the ability to do so was greatly appreciated at the time - otherwise I'd have been pacing the floor, or reading a book for the twentieth time.
Now it's becoming a source of conflict within the family. "Why don't you switch it off and come and sit with your family?" is the cry. "It's not work pet, it's my blog!" is my retort. "But you normally do that in the morning before work, don't you?" to which I respond "Ah, yes, but I had a few emails to send and a grant application to complete before work today, so I'm doing my blog now!" (Then I quickly log out of the Business Link site and into Blogger in case she walks into the study.)
Yesterday I had one client meeting and a half day training course up at Seaham. (our new publicly funded HQ resplendent in expensive LCD TV's and high tech employee monitoring equipment!) Because the client meeting was mid-morning I had no time to update our hideously slow CRM (1 x Client meeting = 4 x hours of admin) with the admin element for the client and will have to find time to do this later today, after two other client meetings, but then, when do I do their admin elements? It's a lot easier to do it on an evening without the pressures of other work related issues.
BUT when do I find time to live my life? I had intended on a trip to the gym tonight, mind you there's an internet cafe at the gym - I could do a bit less swimming and log on for an hour instead!! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!

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