Saturday, 10 May 2008

Flaming May.

Emily is particularly proud of her little flower garden
Lesley's hard work pays off!!
Digging for England - as a woman should!

"Cast ne'er a clout 'til May be Out!" my Nana used to say, and here we are at the tenth day and already we've got all the bedding plants in, lawns have been trimmed (more than once or twice) and all our non-frost hardy summer plants are in and doing well. It's been a beautiful two or three days, but has it lulled us in to a false sense of security?

Call me a miserable old pessimist, but I've convinced myself that my Nana's adage is about to come true and all our efforts have been in vain. Mind you the garden look glorious already and if I figure out how to mend my camera I may upload one or two for your delectation and delight.

True to form for the weekend the clouds have started to gather - it even rained for a wee while last night.
Bring on the frost!

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