Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Recipe Request

Being a Yorkshireman I am always looking at ways to save a few quid here and there, but lately things have become so expensive, I'm having trouble making savings anywhere.
Having watched the Tonight programme on Monday I've realised that one of the ways we can make savings is by cutting back our weekly food bill - currently around £120 per week and made up of pre-packed 'ready meals', snacks and what I class as non-nuritious stodge.
Lesley is kitchen-o-phobic and so I do most of the cooking - I had a good mentor in that area as I grew up with my Nana and she passed on her home cooking tips, so I am quite able to make a good sunday roast, bread, pies etc - what I seem to have lost (or forgotten) is how to make a good soup from leftovers of a sunday roast or ham shank (Nana used to make it with yellow split peas etc.) and other simple, quick meals using fresh and traditional English ingredients. Cooking from scratch as opposed to buying ready made.
So, my request is for home cooking tips - quick nutritious meals from 'Ration Book' foods.
You can post them as comments or email me directly on
All help greatly appreciated.


Hyde DP said...

Making soup from leftover Sunday roast assumes you've had a Sunday roast. I'm a frugal Yorkshireman too but nutritous ready-meals are not all that expensive and you can always add a few fresh vegatables to cheaply increase the nourishment. With my bad back and whatever anything that takes more than 20 minutes to cook I simply don't buy.

mrsnesbitt said...

Gary I am a keen menu planner...check out the link above.
I am not sure how to do the proper link thingy...but cut & paste anyway.

Skywatch Friday tomorrow! Another great blog visiting day!