Sunday, 11 May 2008

Me and my gym.

Like a lot of people, I play at being a gym member. I pay heavily for the luxury of being able to go at a time that suits me and that little bit of exclusivity that local authority run centres cannot provide. I aim to go three times a week. I'm lucky if manage three times a month!

And what do I do when I go? Usually I spend fifteen minutes getting changed, then showered before getting into the pool for a quick couple of lengths, then I'm off to the sauna or steam room for fifteen minutes, another quick swim, then fifteen minutes in the hydropool to relax.

The whole process from leaving car to getting back in it takes less than an hour. During which time I speak to no one, other than to ask reception what time they close pr some other feeble excuse to use my voice. I never do any weight training or fitness stuff as I find the whole process dull, repetitive and pointless - or possibly I find it too much like hard work!

I want to train, I want to improve my shape and overall fitness levels, but the thought of going into the training rooms is so intimidating - full of posing and sweating silverbacks aiming for Schwarzenneger status. Embarrassed? Yes. Envious? Yes.

Perhaps I think I'm past all of that. Perhaps I should just accept that I'm never going to be the strapping lad I once was (not that I was ever 'strapping' !) but at 42 you sort of get to thinking - should I give it one more go to make something out of my body before it all heads south and I'm beyond repair. It is possible. I could be a fit and healthy, even strapping, fifty year old.

It's just finding the time to fit it all in around family and work.

Perhaps I should make the effort a bit more - make it worth the forty quid a month?

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