Monday, 12 May 2008

Book Update

Those who remember the original incarnation of Bodge's Bulletin may recall that I had co-written a book. An outlandish tale with comparisons to Jacobs' The Monkey's Paw - though far more lewd and perverse, and with historical inferences to the Hartlepool Crofters and their French spy, monkey hanging antics.

As a quick post tonight I thought I'd update you on the current state of play with this joint venture.

After many months of searching and self-agenting we finally managed to find someone daft enough to take it on, er, did I say daft enough? What I meant to say was "brave enough" to take it on and we've signed our publishing agreement for "The Baboon's Left Testicle (Part One of Two)"

I'm currently proof reading the first edit prior to resubmission (with amendments) to the publisher - hopefully this process will be completed within the next month or so and then we can full steam ahead with the marketing and promotion stuff.

That's my task for tonight - continue to go through the first edit and proof-read - I started last night but after page 23 my red marker pen ran out of ink - it doesn't bode well!!

Watch this space....

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mrsnesbitt said...

Sounds good G!
I am currently reading a novel you David McMahon! LOL yes, Authorblog! LOL!