Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

I had my first 'meeting' of the year today. It was only a 1-to-1 with my team leader, but I thought I'd pick out a nice shirt from the ironing basket for the occasion.
So, I'm stood in the kitchen three quarters of the way through ironing my 'nice' shirt and Emily walks in.
"Hello Pet." I say
"Yes pet?"
"Isn't that the shirt you sometimes always wear for work?"
And do you know something? It was!
Needless to say, a fresh shirt was hurriedly selected from the ironing basket.


Anonymous said...

Kids are wonderful aren't they! Always there to remind us of the things we often don't want to be reminded of!

Hope the meeting went well. And who's the filth?

CJ xx

Betsy said...

Aren't you glad you have some sensitive women in your life to keep all those little details straight! ;) And I love that you call her 'Pet'....how sweet!

Gary said...

CJ - The filth is the spammer who keeps asking if I want Viagra / Pleasure(?) devices etc. (I've cancelled word verification now so I guess they'll be back soon enough!)

Betsy - You wouldn't believe how glad I am!! Pet isn't the only word I call her though - Pest, Stinky, Stench (how awful of me!)Pudding, Sweetpea, Little Lover - in fact I only ever call her by her real name when I have to sound authoritative!!