Sunday, 3 August 2008

Virus Virus Virus!!!!!!

Apologies for not being on Blogging over the weekend - someone decided to infect my PC with a hideous Trojan virus - I've had to completely wipe my hard drive and reinstall XP - so it's been a bit of a nightmare all weekend - and it aint over yet - now I have to find all those lost files and photo's and memories - good job I backed up all my important stuff last thursday!!

Normal service will resume as soon as possible!!!!

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Kevin Heads said...

Hi Gary sorry to hear about your virus I to have had the same problem when i worked on PC's but since i have had a Mac i've had no probs (touch wood). It's a nightmare having to reinstall everything but it's a good job you had everything backed up. Sorry I haven't been about lately but i've been really busy. Hope you are well Kev