Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Gift From Denise.

Just a quick post tonight to thank the wonderfully generous Mrs Nesbitt - who we met up with today in a less than clement Guisborough, I say less than clement, when what I actually mean is torrential downpour -  for her to hand over a  box of craft materials for Emily. I have never known so much material be crammed into an 18 inch box:
- cards, stickers, glitters, paper, cloth, stampers, stencils, crayons, felt-tip pens, feathers, shells - you name it, it was there -

Emily could barely contain her anticipation at the prospect of rummaging through the box of goodies: 
A veritable feast of craft materials was discovered within.
Of course, Emily just had to make use of the colourful cloth inside and transform herself into an Indian Princess for the rest of the day:-
So a great big thank you to Denise for providing hours of fun today, and for every other rainy day for many months to come - Emily really appreciated it and will work to create one of her "special creations" just for you in the next few days.
Thanks very much - Gary, Lesley and especially Emily. xx


Nydia said...

Wow!! I'd love to get a box full of goodies like that when I was a kid! :o) Bet Emily will have lots of fun, and will not even care about the rain!

Denise said...

Great stuff Gary! It was great to see Emily's big the rain! LOL!
Check out my latest post to see what I made for some clients who are getting married tomorrow.


CherryPie said...

Sounds like you had a fun meet up and what a lovely gift :-)

Anonymous said...

I can understand why there were smiles all round. How lovely to get a nice presey like that.

CJ xx