Thursday, 10 July 2008

Not Sexist.

Scientists have discovered that the standard computer mouse design is not always compatible for use by women. It seems that they just don't find the feel of the traditional mouse comfortable, and many complain that it is obviously a male design from a male dominated industry.

They have come up with a revolutionary new style of mouse which, they say, fits perfectly with a woman's lifestyle.

Scroll down for an image of this new "Lady-mouse" in action.


Denise said...

ha ha hahahahahahaha!
let's hope she doesn't mistake it for the phone!
A good one Gary! Made me laugh out loud.

Am having a cooking day! Frugality at its best! Gordon would be proud of me...shame I am not proud of him!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!!! :-)

Andrea said...

And I thought I might like just ruined that. ha (not worth another so just one ha)

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I will be back.....not sure why. lol

Hyde DP said...

ee lad tha'd nivver catch mah waife using one o them things - ah was expectin summat quite diffrent.

imac said...

hahaha, Im with Gerald on this one expected somthing a LITTLE different.

Love your blog by the way Gary, tis very interesting.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments, keep watching for more of Austria.

You would enjoy, clean fresh air and a slower pace of life.

Katney said...


Liz said...

I was reading your post and thinking, 'Oh, that's nonsense!' and then i got to the photo ...!

You're much more likely to find me with a mouse in hand than an iron!