Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Horns of a Dichotomy....

Here's a dilemma to ponder - all suggestions greatfully received.
I work as a business adviser - advising businesses on how to start, develop, grow, downsize, invest, train staff, lose staff, obtain grants etc. - I've been doing this for the past seven years, though all in all I have almost twenty five years experience in this field. My employers are (indirectly) the Government. I have a decent salary, pension scheme, health insurance (quite handy recently) and more importantly seven years protected rights with the same employer. On the downside my company is funded by central government and is almost guaranteed to be 'abolished' after the next UK General Election, two years or so from now.
Here's the dilemma:
I've been advising a start up company for the past six months who have probably one of the most revolutionary web based ideas I have seen for many a year, it is almost guaranteed to be a commercial winner on both sides of the Atlantic, and eventually worldwide, and is attracting a lot of funding (I'm talking £Millions) through my support and the uniqueness of their 'product'. They have now offered me a job as business development director, with a percentage shareholding in their venture. Sounds like a 'no brainer' right?
BUT WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Bearing in mind the highlighted word above?
As for my medical concerns - both parties are aware of my condition. My current employer has shown, by their actions, that they understand the potential for periods of ill health. The 'client' has also shown some understanding of this through rearranging funding meetings when I've been off ill to dates when I can attend.
As far as conflicts of interest or clauses in contracts debarring me from taking up employment with a client's business - there are none. Indeed in the past six months no fewer than three of my colleagues (even my immediate boss) has left to take up employment with one of their clients - so it seems to be 'the done thing.'
Before posting your answers I have to tell you that I have made a decision - but can you guess what it is??????


Denise said...

Almost, the key word.
I would wait a bit longer...if they value you they will understand your integrity.


Bibi said...

I am notoriously bad for giving advice. I referred two people to jobs I thought were great, and their experiences were horrendous, so I'll withold any suggestions!

That aside, thanks for visiting my blog. I guess Radovan has a very fast metabolism and burns up his calories before they can make him grow!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I have a very good friend with Crohn's Disease and, although she's unwell at times, and has to take medication, she leads a full life. And she's a good deal older than you are. If your possible employer knows the situation and it's what you want to do I'd go right ahead.

Rinkly Rimes

Ackworth Born said...

sounds like it is a bit of which of the two devils ...