Monday, 28 July 2008

More Macros

Click each picture for a closer look.
A rose in the sun....
Another rose - but I didn't see the black-spot on the leaf 'til now!!
A bee having a pollen bath on our Mallow - this was as close as I dared go!!


Denise said...

Next time we meet up Gary I'll bring my camera along and you can show me how to achieve stuff like this. It is a Samsung S1050 so you let me know when you have read up on it so you can pass on the stuff I need to do! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary
Thank you for visiting my blog, great to make a new aquaintance.

Beautiful pictures here. The colours are magnificent. Re your previous post, that photo is so lovely, happy and full of love.

CJ xx

babooshka said...

Excellent macros. So sharp and not over saturtated.

Blue said...

Love the flower photo's & like You I just take photo's with my digital.

TY for your comments yesterday on my weekend Wonderings post. I dids enjoy reading yours.