Sunday, 28 September 2008

Blogged Out

It might be a useful tool to impart news and evidence our daily activities, but blogging can also turn into a realisation of just how empty your life is. Such has been the case with me over the past two weeks or so.
By 'empty' I certainly mean the exact opposite. By 'empty' I mean entirely crammed with completely and utterly mundane, every-day tasks - not worthy of a mention here. Things like - getting up, feeding self, feeding cat, feeding daughter, feeding wife, getting ready for work, going to meeting after meeting, writing up endless case notes, making endless referrals to external agencies, completing endless applications for funding, reading and reviewing other people's business plans and ideas (and thinking "Why didn't I think of that?") coming home, feeding self, daughter, wife, bathing, watching "Road Wars" or "Booze Britain", retiring. See? Not worthy of a mention here? Utterly mundane and every-day stuff which, for the past two weeks, has formed the bulk of my life.
I could always fall back on the weather - which for some reason has decided to revert back to 'spring-like' despite being almost October - but I did that all through the Summer-that-never-was. I'm sure you must be as bored with weather as I am. I could write about my other hobbies and interests, the bike project, gardening, swimming, writing. Or I could write about the more personal, emotional stuff - my wife's illness, my illness, but when you live with it all day sometimes it's nice to get a break away from it all, rather than sitting and writing about it. Dwelling on it.
So, what I'm saying, in my usual and very round-about way, is that I've been so busy lately, doing absolutely nothing worthy of note, that I haven't had chance to blog, though I've made the occasional visit.
Fear not, fine blogging friends - for I shall return! I just need to do something interesting enough to write about!


Hyde DP said...

I feel the same quite often - don't allow the mundane to get you totally down though - keep chugging.

Anonymous said...

Victor, your life is interesting from the moment you wake to the moment you retire. Because it's your life. If we didn't do the mundane things then we wouldn't appreciate the wonderful.

Take a holiday! Then tell us all about it.

And take care,
CJ xx

Anonymous said...

Taking a blogbatical is often a good idea. I did that over the summer and returned with renewed vigour.

I don't really have anything to write about from my life either and I am not the emotional wreck I once was so don't NEED to write in the way I used to. I find that if I focus on one issue - and it need only be something trivial - I can ponder it for a few days as I go about my mundane activities and then scribble a blog post about it. It seems to work OK. It fulfils my need to write, which I love to do and keeps me part of blogworld.

But I think everyone gets blogger's block from time to time and it'll pass.

Remember that Blogging can be a good support network so use it if you need to.

mrsnesbitt said...

Keep chugging along Gary! We all feel like this from time to time.


Reader Wil said...

I think you are doing what you can and you need to have a break of all the problems, though it is very difficult.