Sunday, 22 June 2008

Weekend Wandering

David McMahon has asked the following question:

"What are you most afraid of?"

Quite simply...

These little blighters!!

For more fearsome admissions visit David at Authorblog.


Wilma said...

Cor Gary...spiders??? I just eat them! LOL!

Maggie May said...

Well that is a tiny little post & very much to the point!
You can consider yourself fortunate if that is ALL you fear in life!

nina said...

I don't really mind them, as long as I can keep my eye on them.
Although there's nothing more unsettling than knowing you've walked into a web, and cannot find the spider.
She's probably in your hair!

Texas Travelers said...

Weekend wandering is great for ABC Wednesday "W".

Our "W's" are big today.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha